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Social Media: Active Listening

March 29, 2007

Social Media marketers use the term Active Listening to express how every Social Media Campaign should begin, and to describe an important element in how every Social Media campaign should continue. Active Listening is an important part of the beginning of any relationship, especially when it’s a developing corporate relationship, with the Social Media community.

An organization needs to know what is being said in the conversation going on in the blogosphere, about their company, before they begin a strategy involving Social Media marketing, but they also need to absorb all they can as to how Social Media works. An understanding of the new Social ways of communicating, how to create interaction, and how to build community, are the foundation on which to build a corporate Social Media marketing plan.

Here are 10 things you should be monitoring from Cameron Olthuis:”Pronet.

1 Company name
2 Company URL
3 Public facing figures
4 Product names
5 Product URLs
6 The industry “hang outs”
7 Employee activity/blogs
8 Conversations
9 Brand image
10 Competitors

Thank you Cameron for your “Active Listening List”.

Until next time, thanks for the read. I’m off to play with our new Border Collie puppy. Her name is Sophie, and she is cute! Time to hide our good shoes.

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