Is The World Flat?

Over the past couple of days I’ve been reading an interesting book, titled “The World is Flat”, written by Thomas L Friedman. The book as the title suggests is about the “flattening” of the world, or how it has gotten smaller and faster, in a considerable shorter time span than it has to this point. Friedman feels that his research shows a “flattening” or leveling of the global supply chain for services and manufacturing, creating new players, in the global economy.

Friedman writes that the convergence of technology has allowed India and China to become part of the global supply chain, creating an explosion of wealth in the middle classes of two of the world largest nations, and should alert the United States to some potential economic threats, and the likely continued increase in foreign outsourcing. Posing the question “What does this mean to countries, communities, and individuals”

I don’t know the answer yet, as I’m only a chapter or two into the book, but so far it’s been an enlightening look into how the world’s other countries are responding to technology leveling the playing field, and what that means to us.

Did you know that China is becoming the country that develops the largest number of university graduates? I didn’t. They aren’t screwing around. They are trying to become THE economic powerhouse of the world. Who can blame them? They have the resources and the man power, now they are developing their technology and intellectual resources at an incredible pace.

I’ll keep reading and let you know how it turns out, at least in the book. Time will tell how it will turn out in real life.

Social Media is hopping, we’ve been busy with our clients, and are excited to be apart of this incredible wave of marketing change.

Thanks for your read this week!

Power to the People…Social Media


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