Developing a Corporate Podcast

With Social Media as our blog topic, and Social Media as my main business, I thought it would be interesting to describe where we are in the process of developing a video podcast for one of our clients.

Britton New Media is currently working on the developmental stages of a video podcast for the Sebring Clinic, a natural health, medical practice and nutrition center, located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Dr Lane Sebring is an amazing man and Doctor, with a successful practice and clinic in Wimberley, TX, his natural health message will revolutionize peoples health, and be one of the most exciting life changing health oriented productions of any kind. You can tell we’re excited to be involved.

We’ve gone through the stages of Social Media education, where the client has developed an understanding of the uses and benefits of New Media, and have moved into the areas of content creation, expressing my vision for the client’s podcast, deciding on foundational topics, developing those into segments, creating a production style that suits the content and the client, and even shooting the B-roll for the opening and closing segments.

While Britton Audio works on the music, voice-over, and sound production, our video production department, headed by Christian Carpenter, is in the early stages of editing the newly acquired video footage. After the video is completed, I’ll add the music and my voice-over, and when it comes out the other side, it will be a creative video piece to open and close the show.

Where is the Social part of this media production? Well, up to this point the description I’ve given could describe a common traditional media production, however there is a big difference. It’s all in the presentation and content. The Social Media components that seemed to apply in this business context are:

(1) Interaction. People having a chance to ask questions, and interact. Let viewers be a part of the show. It’s their health after all.
(2) Direct, un-hyped health information
(3) Access to natural health experts, beyond Dr Sebring and his Health Team
(4) Practical applications. How to affect your health now. What you can do

We believe strongly that a corporate podcast needs to be a blend of traditional media disciplines, with a strong Social Media understanding and presentation. We also feel that there are two types of corporate podcasts, as far as content, direct and indirect. The indirect approach is a great way for a corporation to associate its brand with a podcast that agrees with its values, interests, and relates to its market segment, but has nothing directly to do with pushing its products.

The podcast we are producing has needed information; content that can change the way we look at health. We won’t beat around the bush, so to speak, to get this great content out to the public. It will be a direct external podcast.

Still a ways to go before we will have our first episodes, distributed and promoted, but we are getting there, day by day. We’ll talk about the journey along the way. Please respond if you have any disagreements, questions or other comments. We appreciate your read this week.

Power to the People…Social Media


4 Responses to “Developing a Corporate Podcast”

  1. podcasts Says:

    I wholeheartedly 100% agree. I could not have said it any better

  2. shug Says:

    Anyone know where can we see the finished podcasts?

  3. brittonnewmedia Says:

    You can find the podcast at Sebring or on iTunes. The name of the podcast is Beyond Medicine-Natural Health Empowerment. We ended up with an audience of 22,000 weekly viewers.

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