Relationship Marketing the New Old

I just recently reread “Relationship Marketing” written by Regis McKenna, published back in 1990, and found it to be very in touch with today, for such an old book. In these fast-changing times, it’s absolutely ancient. However it still speaks with a strong voice that resonates within the Social Media context. Social Media is an extension of the early concepts of Relationship Marketing.

If Relationship Marketing is the starting point for a dynamic change in the way marketing is done, then Social Media is the vehicle or medium to transport us to Relationship Marketing’s potential.

Back in 1990 Regis McKenna said, “We are witnessing the obsolescence of advertising. In the old model of marketing, it made sense as part of the whole formula: you sell mass produced goods to a mass market through mass media. Marketing’s job was to use advertising to deliver a message to the consumer in a one-way communication.”

He goes on to say “In a time of exploding choice and unpredictable change, marketing-the “new” marketing-is the answer. And that means marketing that finds a way to integrate the customer into the company, to create and sustain a relationship between the company and the customer.”

Relationship Marketing has been searching for the tools to integrate the customer into the company, and to create the lasting relationship to which Regis refers. Social Media offers the two-way communication needed to begin this shift away from a restrictive, cold impersonal, one-sided message, to a mutual conversation, that benefits both the company and the consumer.

Regis McKenna has a new book out titled “Total Access”, published by Harvard Business School Press, or check him out at

I just started reading Seth Godin’s book, “Small Is The New Big”, so I’ll comment on that book as I read it. So far it’s great. Interesting ideas and information mixed with humor and insight.

I also wanted to mention a very good PR and New Media blog that I just recently came across, written by Kami Huyse

Until next time…thanks for the read.

Power to the People…Social Media


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